How it works

Carbohydrates and glucose are the basis for acheiving both physical and psychological success.
Thanks to a complex mix of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals, BODY FUEL provides the necessary
energy for:

Active people – following an active lifestyle, practicing sports several hours a week, attentive to their food, used
to endurance and resilience.
Heavy duty professionals and pro- athletes – in constant professional need of maximum endurance (such as
mountain guides, sports instructors, mountaineers, etc.). Persons fully committed to sport, endurance, observing a
strict food regime and very attentive to the quality of their food.
Amateur athletes – who actively follow the lifestyle of professional athletes.
Military and law enforcement personel – undergoing severe physical and mental stresses, following a strict regime,
aware of the benefits of nutritional supplements in heavy workloads, where endurance is a key factor for success.
100% natural and gluten-free product base: BODY FUEL has a
unique aroma of peanuts and peantut butter that comes from
the fact that we use real peanuts: there are no artificial ingredients, preservatives or sweeteners.
We use innovative, prebiotic-rich tapioca syrup.
Ingredients: Protein blend 18% (rice and pea protein), peanut
butter, dates, tapioca IMO syrup, peanuts 13%, rice syrup, pumpkin seeds, cacao butter, maca powder 2%, guarana powder 1%,
Rhodiola Rosea powder 0,1%, sea salt.


The BODY FUEL protein bars are designed for heavy duty, allowing a slow but steady supply of energy hours
after consuming them. They meet the need for resilience both for athletes and for all active people, exercising
long-lasting and debilitating activities burning many calories.
• It’s an Organic, Vegan, Gluten free, GMO free, 60g protein (18%) bar, enriched with carbs, dry fruits, vitamins and
• It can replace a meal by providing the necessary energy for heavy physical loads.
• High protein content (26%), 15,6g: a mixture of special biological value, including an easy-to-digest vegan
protein that reaches fast the muscles.
• Enriched with high fiber, prebiotic and dried fruit, which help good digestion and give it a unique good taste and


The NBS bars are conceived not only as food supply source but also as valuable tool for all people
who are engaged in outdoor activities and action sports:
– The original NBS pictogram stickers are collectable and can be used as a reminder or information regarding the general hazards that people face during outdoor activities, in the water or in the mountains: they teach or remind the basic rescue signals, provide useful emergency solutions, help focusing during panic situations. Pull them off from the bar’s packaging and stick them on your gear or apparel!

-The inner foil can be used as an emergency signal mirror which not only makes it a useful tool
in a survival situation but also provides an additional incentive to keep the packaging from being
disposed of in nature.
Connected: we invented an original concept of connecting your mobile device to a rescue information site using the bar’s packaging. Just scan the active QRC label with your smartphone and you access our free www.nbsrescue.com Video and Documents pages where one can select original thematic video clips or download information for survival and first aid medical assistance!